Introducing the Sleek Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker

When we think about the future of sport, wearable tech is always top of mind. With so many innovative ways to analyze our data, we can access a higher level and clearer picture of how, exactly, we move through our day-to-day life. With that awareness — we can move more, and move more efficiently.

Tracking your fitness ultimately comes down to caring about yourself, and in the words of Beyonce — if you like a thing, put a ring on it.

Our recommended ring: the new Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker, an activity, heart rate and sleep tracker that’s launching this summer.

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with Motiv Inc., a San Francisco based company that is focused on building products that help keep people moving while seamlessly fitting into their everyday lives.

Motiv Ring starts shipping later this summer (you can pre-order yours here), but we’ve been lucky enough to start testing out the pretty discreet and stylish ring — and we love it.

It’s lightweight and barely noticeable, charges in any USB under ninety minutes, is waterproof and the battery typically lasts three days. We are excited to put the ring to the test. Likewise, the Motiv Ring will be putting you to the test, tracking resting heart rate, active minutes, activity type, your active heart rate, sleep duration, calories burned, distance and steps.

You can also set weekly goals and daily targets based on your activity.

Sleep duration will be an interesting metric to track, especially as more and more studies have come out on the effects of sleep deprivation. Perhaps it’s time to include sleep in our training plans?

Stay tuned for more on our testing process — we will be tracking our training for the SF Bay Half on October 15 at Virgin Sport San Francisco.

You can win your own Motiv Ring as part of our Fit Getaway to Virgin Sport San Francisco Sweepstakes!

In the meantime, you can pre-order Motiv Ring here and check them out our design-driven friends on social on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.