UNDO-Ordinary x Virgin Sport

Nai Vasha, founder of UNDO-Ordinary.

If you haven’t heard of UNDO-Ordinary yet, get ready to feast your eyes on this LA-based training platform that’s focused on fitness and wellness. Founded by Nai Vasha, a visual provocateur and craftsman on a mission to learn more while getting stronger everyday, UNDO curates and presents diverse images and gives fresh perspectives on all things related to your body, your health, culture and trends:

“We started UNDO to fill a void. To make group runs a bit more welcoming and champion our community in ways that brands just weren’t doing before. We set the bar. We make this thing called health a little bit more accessible and way more digestible than what has been fed to us. UNDO start as a running group and has blossomed into a magazine, creative community, and resource for whats happening in the real world of health and wellness”

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with UNDO-Ordinary — Vasha will be training with her crew for the upcoming SF Bay Half marathon at Virgin Sport San Francisco, October 14–15.

While she isn’t working tirelessly on her mission to reshape the way millennials think about their world, Vasha is constantly pushing the way she herself moves in it.

We caught up with Vasha:

What was it like to launch a magazine?

It was something that I didn’t plan for, but had studied up on before. I often think about revolutionary activists of past times and how they got their messages abroad. Most of the time, it was through the power of print and it took a couple of issues for me to recognize that and champion it.

What role does running have in your life — do you have a running philosophy?

Running was about me at first — and then I saw the impact that I was making on others and the power start to sink in.

It’s my freedom. It is the moment the get to cry, sing, and life freely without worrying about anyone around me, even when there are people around me.

What are your biggest current projects?

Currently, I’m working on expanding my agency to include more talent services as well as getting ready for Complexcon trade show in November.

Who inspires you?

Women like Ellen Stewart and Angela Davis. People who have gone through hell and kept pushing.

Who would you be most excited to collaborate with?

Apple. That’s when the big bucks start rolling in.

Who would you most want to go a run with, dead or alive?

Anyone who is afraid to get out and start. Those are the people that fuel me the most.

Love it. What’s the next issue of UNDO-Ordinary about?

The next issue is on addiction, prescriptions and supplements. We dive into all what rarely gets addressed when it comes to us humans and our vices. We’re focused on real wellness.

What’s up next for you?

I’m still getting my feet planted here in LA and not rushing it. I was going to move out to a farm prior to this transition, so I am trying to keep the balance in life and stay true to my intentions, mainly those of becoming a farmer.

Stay up to date with Vasha and her training on her website and @undoordinary .

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