A San Francisco Sports Store With Style: Sports Basement

It’s an old super market

*Note: SF Bay Half + Twin Peaks Bib Pick Up will be at Sports Basement Presidio on Friday, Oct 13th from 12pm — 8pm and Saturday, Oct 14th from 9am — 4pm.

If you’re looking for equipment to Go Fit Yourself in San Francisco — head to to Sports Basement in the Presidio, a rare gem of a sports store (where you can pick some some ASICS shoes if you’re training for our half marathon) that also doubles as a community center, a hangout and a hub for all things sport.

It’s quirky and has an interesting atmosphere since the building used to be an old supermarket (you can still see the Deli, Meat and Bakery signs) and before that, it was an old military commissary because the Presidio used to be an active military base. But it also feels like you’re hanging out in the actual basement of a good workout buddy with the couches strewn about the store that you can chill out on.

Sports Basement is home to local athletes and groups who use their space daily for club meetings, to host potlucks, to start a workout from our front doors, or to pick up some tips at a speaker series event.

Sports Basement started between two old friends, around the .com time frame. The original concept was to offer closeout sporting goods to the community at affordable prices. Sports Basement started with one location in Mission Bay SF, and now they have eight stores (two inSouth Bay , two in SF, three in East Bay and one North Bay).

We love their commitment to giving back to the communities where they reside — and a little known fact about Sports Basement is that they’ve given over $2,000,000 to Bay Area schools & charities over the last ten years.

You can enter our Fit Getaway to Virgin Sport San Francisco Sweepstakes until September 1st, where you can win a $200 gift certificate to Sports Basement (in addition to tickets to our brand-new SF Bay Half, roundtrip US airfare, accommodations and much, much more).

For the lucky winner — and for anyone else training for the half marathon — here’s their Regional Marketing Manager, Ian Ballentine personal recommendation of items to get to prepare: a Trigger Point Foam Roller, Lucky race day tights/shorts, and goods for nutrition/hydration (we’re partial to Clif Bars).

Mmm. Nut butter filled.

“Our employees are local coaches, instructors, outdoor enthusiasts, teachers, students. We are all active in the community and in our sports and activities. We use the product we sell.

We know most people are inside the store so they can get outside the store. We know because we’re out on the trails, in the Bay and on the roads with them. You’re also likely to spot our little green tent at local events. When you do, come on by, say hello, and tell us how your season is shaping up. We’d love to chat.”

Check out our partner Sports Basement in San Francisco —

SF Bay Half + Twin Peaks Bib Pick Up will be at Sports Basement Presidio on Friday, Oct 13th from 12pm — 8pm and Saturday, Oct 14th from 9am — 4pm.

Get involved with the local community — check out the Sports Basement Basementeer Program or email us if you’re interested in volunteering at Virgin Sport San Francisco!