Meet Arlynn Alberto, Founder of Concrete Runners

Arlynn Alberto. Photo via Arlynn.

We’re having a blast getting to know the running crew scene in San Francisco (though if you’re ever in London and in need of a crew to run with, check out our extensive London running crew and club scene guide). One crew that’s kicking it hard on concrete — while looking pretty stylish — that you must know about it is the Concrete Runners. They were founded by Arlynn Alberto, a street athlete and Golden Gate University Alumni who is running creative for Concrete Runners.

We caught up with Arlynn.

Hey Arlynn! How do you spend your days when not running?

When I’m not in Sportswear, I’m kicking ass as an IT Professional for NBC Sports Bay Area at NBC Universal.

I’m a SF native and who’s lived in the Bay Area for most of my life… and I’ve always had a love for travel. I’ve been around the world and have lived in Chicago and Florence, Italy for a period.

Arlynn Alberto. Photo via Arlynn.

How did you start running?

It all started in 2006 when my best friend Janelle asked me to run in the SF Nike Women’s Marathon. I was not a runner and was unsure what was in store, but without hesitating I agreed to train with Team N Training and raised over $2.5k and ran 26.2 miles! Thanks to the support of my friends, family and TNT, I crossed that finish line with determination. I crossed that finish a renewed person.

Running can do that! How did Concrete Runners come into existence?

After the marathon, I kept running and recruited my friends and family to join me and my new found love. It started by me sharing my journey on social media, calling my group “Running Diva SF”. A ton of people on social wanted to be a part of this running crew, and the group was later changed to include all runners in the Bay Area. And so “Concrete Runners” was born.

What does Concrete Runners as a crew stand for?

Urban Street Athletes.

Love it. What’s the best thing about running?

There are four parts —

first getting to the ‘running zone’ where you’re running to the musical beat comfortably — almost feeling like you’re flying. Second, is when you reach the “runner’s high” — yes endorphins! Third, is the camaraderie that comes with running with a crew, there’s simply nothing like it. Last, it’s the feeling of a sense of accomplishment.

Where’s your ideal place to run or dream race?

My ideal place to run is NYC in April, perfect weather and a beautiful site. My dream race would diffidently be Athens.

What place/meaning does running have in your life?

I hold running very special to my heart, as it’s truly life changing. It’s changed me to the person I am today. I’m lucky to have Concrete Runners as I use it as a platform to share my own life journey, and hope to inspire people to join and to do the same.

Where do you see Concrete Runners in 5 years?

Wow. If you asked me this 5 years ago, I would have never thought we were able to work with so many awesome brands or meet so many people, who now I call my close friends. Five years from now I hope to be in season 9 and still going strong. And, to also have a Concrete Runners HQ!

Follow Concrete Runners on Instagram or Twitter here, or better yet — meet up with them and #GoFitYourself!

Several of them will be pacing at our Virgin Sport SF Bay Half marathon event this October 15. Tickets available here — sign up today.